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About Us

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Setting a New Standard in Lake Texoma Living!

Imagine a place so spectacular it changes your “pointe” of view about beauty itself. That is Pointe Vista Development, a new 2700-acre mixed use development 19 miles of Lake Texoma shoreline featuring a premier master planned residential lake community, hotel, convention center and luxury resort. Boasting breathtaking views of Lake Texoma, and an array of amenities most resorts and communities only dream about!

In addition to its lavish amenities, Pointe Vista will feature a wide variety of small to large high-end lakefront properties, most with magnificent views of the lake and a beautiful 18-hole golf course – including the renowned Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club and an enhanced marina facility at Catfish Bay.

Currently, major engineering and infrastructure work is underway throughout the property. The development of phase 2 has begun with 84 single family lots and 58 lakeside and hilltop residences. The lots are specifically designed to accommodate housing units of all sizes in order to encourage a wide range of options. Additional amenities will soon follow. Whether you choose to live, stay or play. Pointe Vista is one opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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Pointe Vista (PV) was formed in 2008 with the express objective of creating a premier master planned destination resort community. In working with state of Oklahoma, it initially acquired approximately 800 acres from the state which was originally known as the Lake Texoma State Park. In the subsequent nine years, PV continued to acquire adjacent lands to gain size to be able to fully develop its design concept. To date, the development encompasses approximately 2,700 acres along 19 miles of Lake Texoma shoreline.  As part of these acquisitions and to supplement the development with significant amenities, PV acquired the Catfish Bay Marina and the Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club.

Having acquired sufficient land and amenities, PV initiated development of the conceptual design of the master planned destination resort community. With the concept now fully vetted, financing to initiate construction is now underway.


Our Team

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President and Chief Investment Officer

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Chief Operating Officer 

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Operations Manager

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Lake Texoma Facts


  • 12th-largest manmade lake in America

  • 6 million+ visitors annually

  • 89,000+ surface acres of water for fishing and watersports 

  • One of the only U.S. reservoirs where striped bass reproduce naturally

  • Created by Denison Dam, funded by the Flood Control Act of 1938 

  • Originally a hydropower, flood-control and water-supply lake 

  • Recreation became another project focus in 1988

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